Networking and Mentoring

Networking and Mentoring

Having a good network and taking advantage of mentoring may help with successful integration into the construction industry.

Here are avenues that women can consider to facilitate their integration into the industry.

  • Approach the usual industry networks and networks devoted to integrating women into construction – for example:
    • the women’s status network in your union
    • Les Elles de la construction, which brings together enthusiastic tradeswomen and female contractors, to make yourself known and develop your network
  • Take advantage of the upgrading activities of the Fonds de formation pour les salariés de l’industrie de la construction (FFSIC) in order to:
    • Enhance and update your trade skills
    • Broaden your network (classmates and trainers)
    • Take the course Sensibilisation à l'intégration des femmes au sein d'une équipe de travail to learn good practices
  • Take advantage of the benefits of mentoring:
    • The organization Femmes Regroupées En Options Non Traditionnelles (FRONT) offers a mentoring program to its members
    • The cybermentorship program, through the Chapeau les filles! competition, is offered by the Ministère de l’Éducation
    • Academos also offers free cybermentoring services. This may be an efficient solution, as guidance is 100% virtual. Academos connects, free of charge, young people aged 14 to 30 years with the reality of the work world. This social network reinvents guidance of young people and helps them to find the trade of their dreams
    • APECQ is also offering a pilot mentorship program for women contractors. The pilot program consists of promoting the progress of women in the construction environment. By pairing women working in the industry with mentors, APECQ hopes to facilitate their professional advancement. This three-year pilot project is funded by Status of Women Canada. For more information, consult APECQ’s website.

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