Change of Address
Change of address
Change of Address

Important notice: We invite you to use online services to change your address. 


A worker with a valid competency certificate or exemption from holding a competency certificate who wishes to change their home address must submit two supporting documents from two different companies organization with their request if they move from one placement region to another. If their placement region changes, the worker will receive a duplicate copy of their competency certificate; otherwise, a change of home address confirmation notice will be sent to them (this notice must be kept with the competency certificate).

However, if the worker’s competency certificate or exemption has expired, if they do not move from one placement region to another, or if they want to change only their mailing address (the address where their mail is sent), they do not have to provide supporting documents.

Following your request, the CCQ reserves the right to carry out additional checks.

A change of address may be made in four ways.

  • By using the online services:
    The worker accesses “Mon dossier” in the onlines services to change their home and/or mailing address. If required, they must send in two supporting documents via the contact form in the “Pour nous joindre” section (choose “Autres sujets”), by mail, fax or in person.
  • By mail or fax:
    The worker prints out, completes and signs the change of address form and sends it to customer services at the regional office of their new region. If required, the worker attaches the two supporting documents to the form.
  • In person at a regional office: 
    The worker goes in person to the customer services department at the regional office of their new region with their two supporting documents, if required.
  • By phone: 
    The worker calls customer services and asks to have their mailing and/or home address updated. If required, they then send in two supporting documents via the online services “Pour nous joindre” form (choose “Autres sujets”) by mail, fax or in person


The head office, mailing or accounting address of the corporation, company or sole proprietorship may be changed in two ways.

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    You can:



    If one of the administrators or partners or the owner is changing address, only the person concerned may make the change to his or her personal address.

  • Supporting documents

    The supporting documents must come from two different companies or organizations, be less than one year old, and more recent than the last change of address. Original documents, faxes, photocopies and printouts of electronic invoices or statements are accepted. The employee’s name and new address must appear on each document.

    Acceptable documents:

    • A bill from a service company associated with the worker’s residence (cable TV, internet, telephone, electricity, or natural gas service provider);
    • A cell phone bill (a subscription document for this type of service is not accepted);
    • A credit card bill;
    • A bank statement;
    • An investment statement;
    • A municipal bill;
    • Transfer tax (welcome tax);
    • A municipal tax receipt (municipal tax account);
    • A notarized deed of sale for a residence;
    • A home insurance certificate;
    • An automobile insurance certificate;
    • A valid driver’s licence showing the new home address (new address on the front only);
    • The confirmation of change of address from the SAAQ;
    • A document from the Canada Revenue Agency (notice of assessment, T4, etc.);
    • Document from Revenu Québec or from the Ministère des Finances du Québec (notice of assessment, RL-1 slip, cheque, etc.);
    • A statement of Employment Insurance benefits;
    • A document from any of the different provincial and federal departments and agencies;
    • Proof of enrolment in a program of studies.

    A lease, pay stubs or employment records are not accepted.

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