Conseiller en orientation

Harmonious labour relations, good accessibility for new workers, and a modern vocational training system make construction a very dynamic industry. For people looking for a job, joining the construction industry offers undeniable advantages.

When you meet with students, ask them to consult the “Trades” section of our website, where they can learn more about the industry.

Teaching tools

On the initiative of the Commission de la construction du Québec (CCQ), two teaching kits (in French only) aimed at children in Elementary Cycle Three and et du Secondary Cycle Two have been designed to offer interactive activities through which they may explore and discover the construction trades and the importance of the industry in society.

The Carrières construction booklet* (available in French only – updated English version coming soon.) provides a great deal of information, including the tasks involved in the trades and occupations, the existing training programs, and the skills and interests required. Job prospects and the apprenticeship regime for each trade and occupation also appear in the profiles. Finally, tables give the number of workers practising the respective trade or occupation, the wages offered, the number of apprentices who enter the industry, the average age of the workforce, and the number of employers.

Use our form to order copies of these three tools.

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